SPOKANE, WA--To help preserve artifacts that tell the history of the Clearwater Valley and to make them available for public education, the Avista Foundation has awarded a $10,000 grant toward the construction of a new facility for the Clearwater Historical Society.

View of the front of new museum building
The new Clearwater Historical Museum is shaping up as construction progresses.
Windows and Tyvek wrap have been added. This is a view of the entrance to the new museum looking toward downtown.

The Society operates the Clearwater Historical Museum in Orofino that includes Nez Perce Tribal artifacts, Lewis and Clark Expedition artifacts, materials tracking the establishment of the Idaho territory, and a variety of oral histories and early film recordings of the logging era, among other culturally significant items and documents.

"Supporting organizations and institutions that help meet the needs of our neighbors and strengthen communities served by Avista is very important to us, said Mike Tatko, Avista's Regional Business Manager for the company's Lewiston-Clarkston service area. "Through the Avista Foundation, we are proud to join with others in supporting this important project of the Clearwater Historical Society."

View of the side of new museum, board and bat siding ready to install.
This view looks toward the hill behind the new museum. Notice the board and bat siding ready to be put up on the outside.
The siding was cut from trees that were on the property and needed taken down.

Clearwater Historical Society President Nick Albers said, "The Clearwater Historical Society Inc., using volunteer labor, donations and specifically the funds from the Avista Foundation, has been able to initiate construction of its new facility then enclose and protect it from the elements. This will allow us to continue our efforts towards completion of the new museum through the fall and next year. The Avista Foundation funding made it happen and we are extremely grateful for their assistance."

For 2017, the Avista Foundation made grants totaling $213,250 to 23 human care services, educational, and economic and community vitality organizations in its 2017 funding cycle.

View of the interior of new museum building
This is the interior of the museum as it is at present. It will have an office, library, storage and restrooms, in addition to the large display room.